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Innovation with purpose

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Our Innovation Projects

Find out more information about some of our innovation projects below

  • Innovation Project


Switchee is helping us to remotely test and identify failing or failed boilers and help ensure we are able to maintain them at a time that works for both us and customers. 

  • Innovation Project


Using Vericon, we can report on, predict and rectify several common housing stock challenges remotely, armed with real-world data.

  • Innovation Project

Using innovative computer vision techniques to deliver external stock condition surveys, for a more pre-emptive and planned repairs service.

  • Innovation Project

Purrmetrix (Warmscore)

Using this technology in our homes to gather invaluable data that supports decision making on which properties to retrofit as part of LAD2 funded programmes.

  • Innovation Project

A building information modelling (BIM) system, fit for the future

A proof of concept BIM system, bringing together offline assets, rich mapping and data layers to older buildings.

  • Innovation Project

Realising the benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC)

We're a Board member of ‘Building Better’, a consortium of innovative housing associations.

  • Innovation Project

Tackling the challenges of global urbanisation

We're social housing partners in Lancaster University's Future Places Centre (FPC) research on creating sustainable urban environments.

  • Innovation Project

Letting the kit do the talking when it comes to thermal efficiency

Working with universities on a pioneering and successful project to challenge the way the energy efficiency of homes is evaluated.

  • Innovation Project

Virtual Diagnostic Repairs

Trialling an ‘augmented reality’ video calling solution that will allow our Maintenance Technicians and Trade Operatives to be virtually present in a customer’s home.

  • Innovation Project

Republic of Things Sensors

We are currently installing RoT sensors in some of our properties reporting disrepair. 

Meet The Team

Even though everyone at Halton Housing has a role to play in innovation, Lee Reevell leads on innovation.

Lee Reevell

Lead Innovator

Lee drives the innovation strategy at Halton Housing by helping change how people think, behave, do business and learn using cutting edge innovation techniques.

Anthony Atherton

Innovation Analyst

Ant is Innovation Analyst working in our award-winning innovation team. He works on a variety of projects that challenge new ways of managing our homes, assessing new technologies and ways of working, particularly in the area of compliance and sustainability.

Work with us!

We love to partner with like-minded innovative organisations on creative projects.