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Destination Ditton

First neighbourhood-focussed programme launches in Ditton

Date posted:
9th April 2021
Destination Ditton

We've launched our first neighbourhood-focussed programme for the Ditton neighbourhood of Widnes, Cheshire.

The ‘Destination Ditton’ programme brings together Halton Housing customers, residents of Ditton and local and national partners, Halton Borough Council, Job Centre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions, Riverside College, Power in Partnership (PiP) and Ormiston Chadwick Academy to name a few, all seeking to create lasting improvements, bring communities together and create opportunities for all age groups.

Earlier this year we asked customers and residents, what improvements they wanted to see in Ditton, through a number of surveys and engagement events.

The findings of both exercises have been pulled together into a plan which will be delivered throughout 2021 with four key themes and areas of focus for the programme, including: green and open spaces, supporting employment opportunities, education and training and health and wellbeing.

Several projects have been identified, with a number already underway including:

  • Supporting high school children with online learning by funding and providing 50 laptops. Halton Housing is also providing school uniforms for customers who are in financial hardship.
  • Partnering with several local volunteer groups to help tackle food poverty and supporting the launch of a mobile community supermarket, which will provide low-cost quality food.
  • Providing interview experience to young learners at Power in Partnership (PiP), in support of their ‘work ready’ programme.
  • Funding DJ lessons and bicycle repairs and maintenance workshops

Commenting on the programme, Pauline Jones, Halton Housing’s Director of Neighbourhoods said: “The Destination Ditton programme is designed to help tackle not only some of the unique challenges which have surfaced in these challenging times, but also demonstrate how there can be health, employment and training and environmental benefits to many residents within the community.

It’s an excellent example of how our partners can work collaboratively to achieve real investment and benefits for the community. I am confident that there will be something for everybody within this programme and I am sure it will be warmly welcomed by our communities.

Cheryl McCabe, Social Impact Officer said: “It’s early days for the Destination Ditton programme but we would like to thank customers, residents and partners for their contribution so far. We expect to see lots of positive things happen in Ditton in 2021.

Destination Ditton forms part of Halton Housing’s commitments to its neighbourhoods and creating ‘places to be proud of’, generating opportunities and investment in the coming months by tailoring our approach according to the needs of the neighbourhoods in Halton

To find out more about the Destination Ditton programme, including how to get involved visit www.haltonhousing.co.uk/get-involved/destination-programme/destination-ditton.


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