Orchard Meadows



Key facts:

  • Location: Appleton, Warrington
  • Number of homes: 111
  • Mix of Tenure: 55 Affordable Rent, 56 Shared Ownership
  • Main Contractor: Barratt Homes & David Wilson Homes
  • Completion: Due June 2024


Halton Housing recently exchanged contracts with Barratt & David Wilson Homes to deliver Orchard Meadows, a development of 370 homes.

The development will be delivered over a four-year period with the first phase forecast to be completed by December 2021 and the final phase scheduled for June 2024.

The new scheme will see 111 of the properties available for affordable rent with Halton Housing and shared ownership with Open Door, our commercial subsidiary. The remaining 259 homes will be available for market sale through David Wilson Homes and Barratt Homes.

The development forms part of Halton Housing’s corporate strategy (OD3) to build and acquire over 1000 new homes by 2024.