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Grace Mcardle

Meet Grace, our Finance Apprentice

Grace Mcardle

Grace has been settling into her new role now for a few weeks - have a read about how she is getting on!

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? 

After completing the first year of university, I decided that it was not the right pathway for me and began searching for other careers where I could still work towards a qualification. I felt that an apprenticeship would create this opportunity for me as I can learn and earn a salary.   

What you do in a typical day/week? 

In a working week, I spend one or two days working from home, a day release where I attend college and the rest at Waterfront Point. Across these working days, I work alongside my team where I process and review invoices, liaise with external companies, and ensure all orders are made and paid for on time. 

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? 

Within my first month at Halton Housing, I have been given many opportunities which allowed my skills and knowledge to develop as I learn something new every day. I enjoy working with my team as everyone is really helpful and supportive. 

What skills have you developed so far during your apprenticeship? 

As I have only been an apprentice for a short time, I have not had exposure to all of the working procedures. However, I have developed my IT skills through the use of different software, and communication skills as these are pivotal in my working environment. 

Why did you choose Halton Housing? 

After deciding on a Finance Apprenticeship, I started searching for opportunities local to me. Once I found Halton Housing, I researched who they were and instantly knew I wanted to start my career here. Their online presence of being a supportive and positive company is why I applied. 

Their apprentice salary was the best out of all the others which was an added bonus. 

What would you say to someone considering applying for an apprenticeship? 

If you have come this far in searching about the company, you should apply as you must be interested.  

Go for it! 


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