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3 halton housing apprentices


Benefits of being an apprentice at Halton Housing

We offer a host of benefits of being an apprentice with us. 


Nationally recognised qualifications

​​​​​​As well as receiving practical ‘on the job’ training to develop job-specific skills. At the same time, you will also study towards nationally recognised qualifications, and time out of the workplace will be provided to complete this.


Excellent salary

We value the positive impact our apprentices bring to Halton Housing. All of our apprentices start on a competitive salary of £22,822 per year.


Build knowledge, skills and confidence

As valuable as classroom learning is in understanding the theoretical elements of a role, nothing compares to being able to apply that knowledge in real-life practical scenariosWorking alongside highly skilled colleagues is the perfect foundation not just for learning your chosen career but for understanding the expectations professionally and personally in a modern workplace. 


Forward thinking and innovative employer

Working at Halton Housing means working in a forward thinking and open environment where you are encouraged to challenge the norm and work flexibly and importantly – have fun.  We are flexible, innovative and agile, and offer great benefits to staff.


Career progression

Many of our apprentices go on to long and successful careers including here with us at Halton Housing.

Meet our apprentices

Step inside the lives of our apprentices and discover what it means to be an apprentice at Halton Housing – find out about their journey and how it's giving them a fantastic foundation on which to build their career with us.

Joinery Apprentice, Josh
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Josh, our Joinery Apprentice

After joining us just over a month ago, Josh is making great progress! Have a read about how he's getting on.

Ella Green
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Ella, our Estates and Facilities Apprentice

After finishing college, Ella was unsure where she wanted to go next. After her successful application, Ella is now settling into Halton Housing.

Owen Wright
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Owen, our Planning Administration Apprentice

Owen is our Planning Administration Apprentice. Since starting just a few weeks ago he has fit into the team and been making a valuable contribution.

Eve Brosnan
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Eve, our HR Apprentice

Our HR team are overjoyed to be welcoming Eve to the team. Find out about Eve's experience so far. 

Michael Tinsley
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Michael, our IT Apprentice

We have a new IT apprentice! Have a read of how Michael is getting on.

Apprentice Emma Davies
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Emma, our IT Apprentice

Emma is our ICT Apprentice who started with us last year. Read about how she's getting on so far.

Zoe Philips
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Zoe, our Housing Apprentice

Zoe is our Housing Apprentice! Learn about Zoe and how she's settling into her apprenticeship.

Grace Mcardle
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Grace, our Finance Apprentice

Grace has been settling into her new role now for a few months - have a read about how she is getting on!

Apprentice in Waterfront Point
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Molly, our Digital Marketing Apprentice

Molly is our very first Digital Marketing Apprentice and is currently working towards the end of her qualification. Have a read about how she is getting on!

Apprentice in Waterfront Point
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Joel, our Plumbing and Heating Apprentice

Joel is one of our Plumbing and Heating Apprentices and also one of our newest apprentices. See how he is getting on!

Apprentice in Waterfront Point
  • Apprentice Profile

Meet Callum, our Plumbing and Heating Apprentice

Callum is one of our Plumbing and Heating Apprentices who started with us in autumn 2021! Learn about how he's getting on so far.

Apprenticeship opportunities with us


Our apprenticeship opportunities are varied and based on the requirements of the organisation as well as individual teams.

We advertise our apprenticeships at different points of the year.

We advertise our apprenticeship vacancies on our careers website page and on 'Find an Apprenticeship' on the government site. It's worth registering and checking back frequently so you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.