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How to make an Enquiry, Compliment or Complaint

We try hard to provide the right services, at the right time and the right place.  But we also understand that there are times when you might not be satisfied. 

If you're not happy - we want to know about it straight away so that we can resolve things quickly for you.  We are here to listen and learn and welcome your feedback, which helps us to develop and improve services for you. 

The best way to raise an enquiry, compliment or complaint is to complete our form. Please include as much information as possible to help us deal with your request.


Online Form

Please use our form to make a complaint and give feedback. We will acknowledge your request within three working days. 

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In person

Visit Waterfront Point by speaking with a member of our customer services team. We’re open 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

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By phone

Call us on 0303 333 0101. We’re open 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). 

Note - you can still use the same number outside of these hours to access our 24 hour out of hours service. 

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What happens next?

We want to resolve your issue as quickly as possible and where appropriate we will work with you to provide a response or to put it right first time.  

We will acknowledge your request within three working days.   

If we are unable to resolve your issue informally, it will go into the following formal two-stage procedure: 


Stage 1: Investigation

At the investigation stage, we will contact you to discuss your complaint and get a clear understanding of how you would like us to put things right.
Once we understand this, we will complete investigations internally and will then contact you with our response including any actions within 10 working days.
If after the investigation stage you are still unhappy, you can ask for your complaint to be reviewed but you should tell us why you remain dissatisfied and what you would like to see happen next to resolve your complaint. Your request should be made within 20 working days of the investigation response being sent.

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Stage 2: Review

At this stage, an appeal hearing will be arranged. The complaints review panel will include the director from the service area the complaint relates to, plus one senior manager from outside the complaint service area.  The role of the panel is to review the response provided at the investigation stage and determine whether it is reasonable. You will receive a written reply following the panel within 20 working days.


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Contacting the Housing Ombudsman


You can contact the Housing Ombudsman Service throughout the complaints process, not only when the process is exhausted, but as the opportunity to engage with the Ombudsman’s dispute support advisors for impartial advice.

Housing Ombudsman Service PO Box 152 Liverpool L33 7WQ  

Tel: 0300 111 3000 (lines are open Monday to Friday from 9:15am to 5:15pm) 



Housing Ombudsman Self-Assessment


The Housing Ombudsman has published a new  Complaint Handling Code, setting out good practice that will allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly. 

The Code will act as a guide for residents setting out what they can and should expect from their landlord when they complain.  

Halton Housing is required to self-assess against the Code and publish the results.  You can download your copy of the Halton Housing Ombudsman Self-Assessment here (pdf)

Continuous Improvement


To continually improve our services, learning outcomes will be sought after each complaint is closed. 

Customer satisfaction will be sought via telephone or email for all closed complaints. Satisfaction is conducted on the complaint process rather than the complaint outcome. 

Complaint performance is closely monitored and shared with respective service areas, and the Halton Housing Leadership Team. 

High-level performance indicators are regularly shared with our Customer Forum.