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Missing person

Missing adults or children, at risk

Date posted:
12th November 2021
Missing person

Every year an estimated 200,000 people go missing in the UK.

In some cases, this may be a life choice to ‘start over again’ however the majority of missing people, children and adults are vulnerable. Many go missing because of factors over which they have no control.

The vast majority of people who go missing are found quickly or return voluntarily. However, whilst missing children and adults return, many people also suffer harm and exploitation whilst away.

Certain people are at risk of going missing than others, possibly because of their situation for example children in care, or medical issues.

How it impacts:

As well as the children and adults who go missing, hundreds of thousands of relatives and families are affected.

What to look for:

Conflict, abuse, and neglect at home - More than half of missing children have experienced this and 1 in 5 felt forced to leave.

Sexual exploitation - 7 in 10 young people who have been sexually exploited have also been reported missing.  

Trafficking (1 in 4 trafficked children who are looked after by the local authority care have gone missing).

Mental Health (1 in 5 children / vulnerable adults who completed return home interviews with missing people disclosed information about mental health issues).

Source: (www.missingpeople.org.uk)

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