Montgomery Road, widnes



Key facts:

  • Location: Montgomery Road, Widnes
  • Number of homes: 8 homes
  • Mix of Tenure: 8 Affordable Rent
  • Main Contractor: Halton Housing
  • Completion: December 2018


Montgomery Road was Halton Housing’s second pilot using modern methods of construction (MMC) delivering six two-bedroom houses and two three-bedroom new homes for affordable rent.

In June 2020, Halton Housing joined the Board of ‘Building Better, a consortium of housing associations working together to realise the benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC). Supported by the National Housing Federation, Building Better brings together housing associations to share ambitions, risk, resources and knowledge whilst retaining individuality and developing offsite solutions that work for the affordable housing sector.

We aim to deliver 1000 new homes by 2022. MMC offers enormous potential to not only accelerate this work but to deliver better quality homes too. Advantages of MMC include faster construction, fewer defects, and reductions in energy use and waste.