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Our themes for the week...

We've got facts, links, information and more, each day.  Most importantly, we've got practical ideas and ways for you to change your behaviour to do your bit towards the climate change challenge.

  • DAY 1
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

What is climate change?

A look at the definition of 'climate change' and what is meant by a 'carbon footprint'.

  • Day 2
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

The impact that food has on our environment

An overview of how the food that we eat has an effect on the global climate. How can we help?

  • Day 3
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

What are travel emissions doing to our environment?

How are our journeys impacting our environment? How can we change this?

  • Day 4
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

Home energy efficiency... What does that mean?

How to make your home more energy efficient and even save yourself some money!

  • Day 5
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

Customer markets creating shocking waste and emission levels.

The speed of fashion trends are increasingly making a worrying impact on our planet

  • Day 6
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

What impact does the water we use daily have on our climate?

The process of getting water into our taps is highly energy-intensive. How can we make a difference and reduce our daily consumption.

  • Day 7
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

What is 'biodiversity?

Find simple and creative actions to help our planet. The greener the better!

  • Day 8
  • Wed, 15/09/2021

What is plastic doing to our planet?

The scary impact of plastic,its production, its waste. What can we do?

Want to know more about sustainability?


There is no escaping the effects of climate change, the signs can be seen everywhere we turn, but the question is what are we as a responsible landlord, doing about it?

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