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Owen Wright

Meet Owen, our Planning Administration Apprentice

Owen Wright

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship? 

Getting real on-the-job experience whilst still learning about the role externally is a huge benefit for someone like me. I learn best with a hands-on approach and felt this would be the best way to start my career.  

What you do in a typical day/week? 

My typical day starts with getting into the office and completing my daily tasks, once completed I help where I can with other things whilst waiting on requests from the Customer Service Team to book appointments or reschedule for our customers.  

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? 

The friendly, welcoming and supportive working environment, being placed in this type of environment for me is very motivating. 

What skills have you developed so far during your apprenticeship? 

I think as a planner, organisation is key to keeping on top of day-to-day services. I think my organisation has come on leaps and bounds since joining the team in September.  

Why did you choose Halton Housing? 

After previously working at Halton Housing, I knew that somewhere along the line I would be back. This is due to the friendliness, flexible nature of the business, and longevity of the jobs here set you up for a promising career! 

What would you say to someone considering applying for an apprenticeship? 

Do it! if you can engage with a hands-on learning approach with some classroom time then an apprenticeship is something you should definitely consider. 

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