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Helping a customer struggling with the Bedroom Tax

Date posted:
25th May 2021
talk to a customer on their doorstep

Julie is a single person under-occupying by two-bedrooms and is struggling with the Bedroom Tax.

Officially known as the 'under-occupation penalty', the Bedroom Tax means that if you have a spare bedroom and you're renting a council or housing association property, then your Housing Benefit, or housing costs element of Universal Credit might be reduced. This means you will have to cover the shortfall yourself. There are a number of exemptions depending on your personal circumstances.

Our Welfare Benefits and Money Advice Team were able to successfully argue to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on Julie’s behalf that his tenancy agreement allowed lodgers but that the lodger could also claim help towards their share of the ‘rent’ meaning Julie is now able to make up his shortfall in housing costs.

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