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Estate Walkabout: Kingsway (b), Widnes

Estate Walkabout: Kingsway (b), Widnes

Starting from Henderson Road / Wavertree Avenue
23/05/2024 09:45
Estate Walkabout: Kingsway (b), Widnes

Our Neighbourhoods Team organise walkabouts in our neighbourhoods which customers can join.

The walkabout will involve walking around the estates where our homes are located and identifying issues that might need to be tackled.

This includes a wide range of issues either within your home, or in your neighbourhood such as repairs to grounds and communal areas, or incidents of fly-tipping.

Walkabouts also give you the chance to talk to colleagues from Halton Housing including your Neighbourhood Officer, to discuss issues about your estate or anything else relating to your home or tenancy.

We’re often joined alongside our partners like the police and the council.

This walkabout will cover the following:

Brunner Road (part), Clayton Crescent, Haig Road, Henderson Road (part), Kingsway, Highfield Road, Leigh Avenue, Liverpool Road, Lower House Lane, Mond Road (part), Mottershead Road (part), Squires Avenue, Timmis Crescent, Townley Court, Cameron Road, Milton Road, Wavertree Avenue, Sinclair Avenue, Naughton Road.  

Please see map below for specific starting point:

If you feel there is a particular issue in your area that you would like us to look at/deal with during the walkabout, take this opportunity to speak to us face to face.

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