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Purrmetrix (Warmscore)


Project Overview 

We are using this technology into our homes to gather invaluable data that supports decision making on which properties to retrofit as part of LAD2 funded programmes. The information gives us a precise U value / heat transfer co-efficient of the building while it’s being lived in.  The data can be viewed through an online portal which does all the analytics required to provide the outcome for the property. 

Why did we get involved? Why the need for the project? 

Following on from the success of the SMETER project we’ve partnered with Purrmetrix to use their product to efficiently gather data about the performance of our homes. The kit is left in each home for 3 weeks and at the end of that period we have all the baseline information we need to either confirm the home meets the current standards or design a plan to bring it up to standards.  

Partners/Who’s involved? 


Benefits & Outcomes 

With legislation mandating that all homes must meet EPC C or higher in the future it is important that we have quantitative data to support this. By using sensors to capture data at source we’ve been able to quickly identify properties that require remedial works and submit them for the relevant funding, subsequently and using the same method, we can quantify that investment.  

We are continuing SMETER research with Purrmetrix to expand the scope of the product to flats and other blocked properties.  


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