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sensors republic of things

Republic of Things Sensors

sensors republic of things

Project Overview

We are currently installing RoT sensors in some of our properties reporting Disrepair. This will allow us to monitor the temperature, humidity, and movement for each address so we can better understand the property and tenants needs and combat any false claims. 

Why the need for the project?

Disrepair claims have been on the rise lately with several contributing factors. We have found an increase in “claims farming” during the Covid-19 pandemic and small law firms are offering large sums of money by logging uncorroborated disrepair claims on behalf of our tenants.

Using sensors that can measure humidity and property temperature we are able to get a better understanding of the factors that can contribute to damp and mould, and we can separate the false claims from the genuine ones.
We are aiming to put more and more sensors in properties so we can tackle disrepair early and monitor how our properties are performing by utilising dashboards and email alerts. This will help improve our customers lives as we have more data for property conditions that would previously require an inspection.

Partners/Who’s involved

We are working with Republic of Things who have provided the sensors and dashboard.

Benefits & Outcomes

We’ll be able to effectively monitor our selected properties and suggest better ways we can help our tenants. We can also investigate customer behaviour (for example customers drying washing indoors) and provide tips and advice to our tenants on how they can implement better living conditions without logging disrepair.

We can also reduce the number of disrepair claims logged, have less physical property visits, reduce our carbon footprint, and better manage and maintain our customer experience.

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