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A Halton Housing Gas Engineer fixing a customers boiler


A Halton Housing Gas Engineer fixing a customers boiler

Project Overview 

Switchee is a smart home solution that makes maintaining our properties straightforward, with remote tools that allow us to check a property's condition, analyse problems, and schedule fixes all in one place.  

By making data-based decisions, we can maintain properties more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. Switchee is being used in several archetypes that are prone to fabric-related issues. 

Why the need for the project? 

Boiler issues drive a large amount of work towards our in-house Gas team during the winter months. We set out to test technologies that could provide us remote insight into boiler conditions.  

Switchee helps you to remotely test and identify failing or failed boilers and help ensure you are able to maintain them at a time that works for both us and customers. 



Benefits & Outcomes 

With Switchee installed, our homes, on average are emitting 10% less carbon. All whilst increasing customer comfort and giving us valuable property health data. 

Using Switchee’s messaging system, we can send messages directly to the Switchee’s screen remotely. We track send time, download time, and register the customer's response so we can get the information we need with certainty. 

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