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a boiler dash board


a boiler dash board

Project Overview 

We are utilising Vericon’s intelligent technologies, BCM & AutoFill. This is allowing us to report on, predict and rectify several common housing stock challenges remotely, armed with real world data. 

BCM has advanced management features designed to simplify the systems ongoing management including remote boiler data, reducing energy consumption, detecting fuel poverty, and detecting empty properties. 

AutoFill will start the filling process once the boiler pressure drops below a certain threshold. During this filling process, AutoFill fills for three seconds before checking the pressure. Autofill will repeat this process until the 1.5 bar is achieved or a failure is detected. 

Why the need for the project? 

Boiler issues drive a large amount of work towards our in-house gas team during the winter months. We set out to test technologies that could provide us remote insight into boiler condition. This information allows us to pre-empt issues and become flexible with our boiler replacement programmes.  



Benefits & Outcomes 

Vericon’s BCM: Connected smart technology enables us to increase the likelihood of a first-time fix by remotely diagnosing issues and pre-ordering the parts to put them right, performance data can be recorded and analysed (through a dedicated portal) to predict and identify common failures such as low pressure, electrical or mechanical parts failures and even frozen condensate pipes. 

Vericon’s AutoFill logs every top-up on the portal with a time and date stamp. If another top-up is needed within 90 days, this will be flagged for an engineer to attend. If a third top-up is required, the system will fail the device and flag for an engineer to be sent out urgently and prevent further top-ups. Autofill protects the system by locking out further top ups if a burst pipe or slow leak is detected. 


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