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Group of people sat around a table with unlock success logo in middle

Funding to support training and employment available for customers – Apply now!

Date posted:
8th April 2021
Group of people sat around a table with unlock success logo in middle

Are you studying, but struggling to finance the course because of the price of books?  Or maybe you’re a budding photographer trying to get a photography business off the ground, but need financial help to buy the right equipment?  

Then the ‘Unlocking Success’ bursary scheme could be the answer to your problem... 

What is the ‘Unlocking Success’ Bursary Scheme? 

Funded through the Northern Housing Consortium Charitable Trust, the ‘Unlocking Success Bursary Scheme’ awards bursaries of £500 to help tenants to develop their learning and skills to support their future employment. 

Halton Housing are members of the Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) who represent the views of over 90% of housing providers across the North of England. 

With the help of our Customer Engagement Team, Rachael applied last year and was successful in securing the £500 bursary to help purchase a new laptop to allow her to continue her studies. Read her story now. 

The NHC have launched their third round of the Unlocking Success Bursary Scheme and applications are now open to customers who may wish to apply for a bursary of £500 to help develop their learning and skills to support future employment. 

Who can apply? 

The scheme is open to our customers* aged 16 or over, who must use the grant to enhance skills to further development.  

Customers already on apprenticeship programmes, or any waged training, are deemed to be supported through their employment, rather than in self-funded education and are not eligible for this grant. 

*Applicants are not required to be named on the tenancy agreement and could be family of the named tenant so long as you are living at the same home. 

What can it fund? 

A bursary award can support with the cost of the learning itself, or if customers are already involved in an area of learning it can help to fund: 

  • Books 
  • Equipment 
  • Travel costs
  • Childcare 
  • Living costs 

How to apply? 

If you wish to apply, please email involved@haltonhousing.co.uk and tell us in your own words, how the bursary could make a difference to you. Your pitch should outline: 

  • What skills or learning you are planning to do 
  • What the grant money will be spent on  
    (e.g. part fund the training cost, travel pass, laptop or learning materials etc) 
  • What difference the grant will make to your ability to complete the training; and
  • What you hope to be able to do as a result being able to complete the training 

It can be submitted either in writing (max 250 words) or a short video (no longer than 2 minutes). Deadline for your pitch is 30th June 2021. Our Customer Engagement Team can do the rest and complete the application form on your behalf. 

To find out more about the Unlocking Success scheme visit: bursary.northern-consortium.org.uk

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